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Every household today is basically dealing with the same problem – not enough kitchen appliances. Kitchen appliances such as the espresso machine, refrigerator and deep freezer, and the microwave oven are some of the most important entities of a household. ICEAGE Industries of home appliances deal in affordable prices for warrantee home appliance products. Online shopping for kitchen appliances might come in handy as you can compare the wide range of home appliances prices, and make your pick while you think of getting the latest collection of the wide door, glass door or the mini refrigerator series in your kitchen.


The inventions of kitchen appliances such as the microwave oven and the toaster or home appliances such as the vacuum cleaner and the washing machine have made life easy and productive for women and men alike. Ice Age –the online home shopping website – is best known for its remarkable intricacy in the sales of large kitchen appliances, some of which are mentioned below


Ice Age is quite proud to be a part of Pakistan’s magnificent consumer interface. Ice Age has never been reluctant to introduce the latest technologies into its network of kitchen appliances. Similarly, we at Ice Age have been quite lucky to bring you the best in cooling kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, deep freezer and the latest commercial plated freezer. With state-of-the-art refrigerators present in each of its Plasma Series, Elegant Series, Prime Series, Room Series and Smart Series, we aim to top the charts with its brand new Wide Door and Glass Door technology for its latest fridges. Ice Age has been one of the leading retailers in the country due to its supply of evergreen Single Door, Twin and Double Door, Triple Door, Chest Deep and Glass Door deep freezers to some of its most favourite clientele. Download your catalogue today to find out the deep freezers’ prices and fridges for sale, or zoom past our referred and featured pieces on the relevant pages, and order one right away!


Since Ice Age does not only deal in cold assets, we bring you a chance to take notice of the grandeur of our latest installment – the microwave oven – to our humongous list of kitchen appliances. We have gained the attribution to master our microwave ovens with the latest technology, thus allowing them to be energy efficient in all of their sleek and stylish upholstery. With competitive microwave oven prices in the market, Ice Age gives you a chance to attain the most magnificent of kitchen ovens in the most affordable of all prices and that too, with fringe benefits. Our microwave ovens specialize in keeping food fresh and equally warm through its balanced heating technology for longer periods of time. Ice Age’s kitchen oven is also provided with a ‘special defrost’ mode and an ‘easy temperature control’ mode, making it easy to manipulate and use.


Ice Age allows you to welcome the best washing machine brand into your home through its latest masterpieces. With our energy efficient and top-of-the-chart automatic washing machines with dryer, Ice Age allows you to relax and minimize the efforts that you might put in your everyday menial chore of washing and drying clothes under the hot, noon-day sun. We at Ice Age, bring you the best automatic washing machines which excel in spinning technology, thus allowing every aspect of your laundry to soak in and later, dry off immediately. Allow our automatic washing machines to save the day before your day begins.


It is not every day that you can beat the heat with the best AC brands, and at times on sale as well. With Ice Age, you can attain the best and inexpensive central air conditioners without any doubt. Ice Age allows you to filter the heat in your home with the latest technology-driven air conditioners that have been made available to you with convenience via online shopping for kitchen and home appliances. Ice Age’s air conditioners are equipped with washable filters and smart technology which allows them to restart automatically. With Vitamin C filters and a push button which guarantees larger air flow, Ice Age has sold itself in maintaining every little bit of this home appliance’s elegance amidst remarkable efficacy, and energy and eco-friendly efficiency. Ice Age allows you to upgrade your lifestyle with the most affordable of home and kitchen appliances. At Ice Age, we give you a chance to welcome innovation into your home through the efficacy and high performance of our wide range of kitchen appliances.