Smart Living with Wi-Fi Air Conditioners

Nowadays, people in Pakistan continue to embrace advancements in technology. It is nothing new that technology keeps evolving, and like most people in other countries, they prefer smart living! People in Pakistan have smart devices in their homes so they can spend a cost-effective, time-saving and healthy lifestyle.

The invention of mobile phones, Bluetooth technology refrigerators, and 3G technology wireless home appliances has transformed our lifestyle. These inventions allow us to multitask productively. Amongst these latest inventions, you will find new home appliances like Wi-Fi controlled air conditioner systems.

Now, you do not need to be in the range of your home or sit in front of the air conditioner to operate it. Image having your house or bedroom automatically cooled, while you are one your way home from work. All you need is an internet connection and Smartphone and you can enter your house with a pre-cooled bedroom, with a Wi-Fi Air Conditioner controlled from anywhere!


The Basics of How to Set up Your Wi-Fi Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is one of the necessities of life, especially during hot summer days. Today, modern homes use split AC’s, and compared to window Air conditioners these consume less energy and they help to cut down electricity bill to an affordable range. Split AC’s are now available with Wi-Fi-controlled systems, (which go by the name Wi-Fi air conditioners) making it possible for anyone to switch on and off AC’s through their mobile device via an internet connection.

Install a Wi-Fi Network

When you decide to purchase a Wi-Fi air conditioner for your home, office or any other location, it is necessary to get a strong internet connection or a 3G/4G device that can operate the device.

Check before Using a Wireless Router

As you get the internet connection, it is important to make sure the signals remain in range with the AC. This is because weak signals may cause a problem and the user may not be able to operate it smoothly.

Connecting the Network

A user manual guide comes with all Wi-Fi air conditioners. You, the user must carefully read the instructions to connect the air conditioner to your mobile device by adjusting the mobile or tablet settings. This ensures a connection establishes between the AC, mobile, and the wireless router.

Connecting the Wireless IP Router with an Air Conditioner

IP routing is the mode to transfer data from the source to the destination. After the installation of the application into a mobile device, the next step is to connect the AC with the Wi-Fi connection. This will require a username and password. After confirmation of these details, the AC will connect to the wireless router.

Check the Wi-Fi Module Installation

In order to check whether the installation of the Wi-Fi is successful or not, you have to install the Wi-Fi dongle first to a computer system or mobile device.

Disassembling the Wi-Fi Module

The Wi-Fi module is present under the filter cover. Any user can open the filter cover and carefully detach the module from that place.

Assembling the Wi-Fi Module

You can open the filter part of the air conditioner to find the Wi-Fi module. Carefully hook and connect the Wi-Fi module with the wire to connect to the wireless router. When a LED light blinks on the display, this shows that the air conditioner now has a secure connection to the internet and you can operate it.

Checking the Connection Status on the Panel Display

When the device connects to the Wi-Fi router, you will see four lines in the form of a pyramid on the device display.

Recheck the Network

You can check the network by switching on the AC or opening any website through any mobile to make sure that the internet or the network is present to operate the air conditioner.

Connecting the Wireless Router with an Air Conditioner

The wireless router connects to the air conditioner through local area network system, or through a cloud system. Both work well with the air conditioner and help you (the user) to operate it easily and enjoy a cool indoor atmosphere.


Registering & Guarantee of Your Wi-Fi Air Conditioner

When you purchase a Wi-Fi air conditioning system, ensure that you take the registration card from the salesperson, which comes with a warranty period. This serves as important information, especially in cases where the equipment stops working or any other problem occurs. As a user, you can immediately contact the dealer for repairs.


Features of Your Wi-Fi Air Conditioner

Operating the Smart AC Application

Any homeowner having this air conditioner can operate it easily. Once the device connects to the Wi-Fi connection, all the functions appear on mobile or tablet screen, making it easy to operate the system.

Home screen

You can set the AC application on the home screen of your cell phone or tablet device. This way, when the air conditioner is in use, you can use a mobile as a remote to change the settings or on/off it.

Easy Indoor/Outdoor Access

When you have a Wi-Fi air conditioner, you can operate the appliance even while you sit outdoors. Before you enter your home, you can set the required temperature, allow the space to cool before you finally move indoors.

Setting Additional Functions of the Air Conditioner

The functions of the AC also come with additional functions and settings like the 8-degree temperature setting, energy saving setting, as well as heating settings during winter days.

Setting the Timer Function

You can also set the timer, change the settings to sleep mode, and enable the automatic on/off function through a mobile device at a precise time. For example, if you wish to switch off the air conditioner at midnight, the time function will switch off the AC automatically.

Setting Information on the Air Conditioner

You can set the temperature and other information to the mobile device so you do not have to change the information repeatedly.


Regular Maintenance of Your Wi-Fi AC

It is important to clean the filters, Wi-Fi module and other parts of the air conditioner regularly to extend its life and to prevent it from any problems.

Troubleshooting & Malfunctioning Guide

If your Wi-Fi AC malfunctions, read manual guide for proper guidelines or call in a professional to cross check the connection.


Open Source Announcement

Different companies have a license to provide the application, which is a software that allows the operation of Wi-Fi air conditioner. As the user, you can install the software to operate the smart AC.