ICE-AGE Launches First Wi-Fi Air-Conditioner

Okara, Pakistan. January 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — ICE-AGE industries (Pvt.) Ltd.

ICE-AGE industry is launching its first-ever smart air conditioner in Pakistan on the 28th February 2017. The Wi-Fi AC allows consumers to connect and program the appliance through their tablet or smartphone. The launch is an important step in the Group’s connectivity strategy.

Connectivity is a key part of today’s business strategy. Research has revealed that 62 percent of room air conditioner owners want to use their smart phones to control their units. ICE-AGE industries is developing and launching a connected product in the major category like air conditioners for this purpose.

The most exciting features and benefits of the product include:

  1. The convenience to change temperature by using a cellphone device.
  2. The accessibility to turn the unit on & off by using cell phone as a controlling device.
  3. The convenience of controlling any other air conditioner with Wi-Fi feature.
  4. The convenience of using the data bank by registering an account and approaching their own data.

Marketing manager Mr. Anosh believes that, “Consumers can have the liberty to turn on the Wi-Fi AC at their homes with a click of a button on their smartphones, and ensure that the house is cooled smartly before they even arrive. With high controls, consumers in Pakistan can enjoy multiple cooling options on their Wi-Fi AC and adapt the home appliance to work according to your life routine.”

Under the Wi-Fi condition, consumers can turn the unit on and off, change the temperature, create custom schedules and save money on their energy costs by using the air conditioner only when they need to, with their smart phone. A function is also added to the appliance to add and control any other AC with Wi-Fi feature.

Unlike some of other Wi-Fi air conditioners that are available in the market, ICE-AGE’s Wi-Fi-connected air conditioners don’t cost much because of the added wireless functionality.

Connectivity is already on the minds of many consumers, and ICE-AGE intends to provide a stronger offering to sense and control indoor climate. The ICE-AGE’s Wi-Fi air conditioner is just the first of many products that will be launched in the future.

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