Safety Policy

Our prime and continuing policy is to conduct all activities in a manner that it protects the health and safety of all concerned Industries (Pvt) Ltd. makes every effort to limit the adverse effects on the physical environment in which its activities are being carried out. ICE AGE Industries (Pvt) Ltd, will therefore:

  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment in compliance with all local regulation and legislation, together with all appropriate international standards and regulations.
  • Ensure that all items of plant, equipment and all substances used in its diverse operations are properly used, maintained or handled in a manner so as not to constitute a risk to persons or to the environment.
  • Ensure that all employees are informed of the operational and safety standards, practices, objectives and procedures.
  • Train all employees in terms of attitude, skills and knowledge in order to achieve these requirements.
  • Ensure that all employees are made aware of their own responsibilities towards themselves and others.
  • Encourage employees to adopt safe, healthy work practices at all times during the course of their employment.
  • Ensure feedback procedures/systems, and encourage all personnel to participate in matters of inspections and surveys of all sites and activities to ensure compliance with and adherence to these standards and conditions.
  • Make assessment of all prospective activities, new works, developments, acquisitions or modifications to ensure their compliance with these standards and requirements.